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College Application Checklist

To DoFor many students and their parents, applying to college can seem pretty daunting. From researching colleges to remembering application deadlines to writing an application essay, students may feel overwhelmed and lose focus. Fortunately, we’re here to help. The Regional Education Centers of South Carolina are committed to connecting South Carolina students with information and resources for both college and career success.

To successfully navigate and complete the college application process, get started with these great College Application Tips from SC CAN.

  • EYE ON THE CALENDAR.  Keep all application deadlines in mind (both early and regular admission).
  • VARIETY, VARIETY.  Apply to a mix of schools, including “safety”, “match” and “reach” choices.
  • PAPER TRAIL.  You’ll need to check with the guidance office at your high school to request copies of your transcript be sent to the schools where you’re applying.
  • STEP RIGHT UP.  Schedule test dates for either the SAT or ACT entrance exam, depending on the requirements for your particular schools.
  • FIND YOUR SPOKESPERSON.  Think about who would write the strongest recommendation letters for you, then make contact with them early so they have plenty of time to write and send your letters.
  • LOOK IN THE MIRROR.  Think of your college essay as a place to show your true character while also teaching admissions officers something unique about yourself.
  • BE AVAILABLE.  An admissions interview is a good way to keep your application near the top of the pile, and it shows serious interest and initiative on your part (note that most schools do not require interviews).
  • TWO, PLEASE. Don’t forget to copy or print your applications before you submit them.
Connect to more great information and resources through our website at http://recs.sc.gov or at www.sccango.org.

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